Behold: A List!

30 May 2011

I’m wrapping up the 1.6 update to Distant Star, which focuses on UI improvements. Big changes include a completely revamped fleet management screen, a more sensible ‘home system’ button, plus others:

Collateralized debt obligations FTW

New fleet management screen
  • Research rate no longer displays 89% or 99% instead of 90% and 100%, respectively.
  • Create a dedicated Economics tech tree for wealth- and trade-related technologies.
  • AI directs more resources towards research, and has a dedicated “catch up” mode if it feels it’s falling behind.
  • Removed the shaded backgrounds on the technology screen, making it scroll faster.
  • Old research log screen is no longer accessible via notifications (or, hopefully, anywhere else).
  • “Research Idle!” notifications no longer appear when all techs have been researched.
  • Enlarged the [Home] icon (and friends) on Retina display
  • [Home] icon now cycles through systems much more sensibly (i.e. it doesn’t reset every time you deselect a system).
  • New Fleet Management screen using ship icons and visual indicators for shield and armour health.
  • Fixed a rare bug where fleets could sometimes overshoot their destination and fly on forever. D’oh!
  • Added a popup preventing players from wasting colonisers on already-colonised systems.
  • Added a way to see at a glance which are your ‘productive’ systems — the brightness of an explored, colonised system’s name is now tied to its production / turn.
  • Selecting a fleet now highlights its line
  • Added a toggle button for hiding/displaying trade lanes
  • Added a toggle button for hiding/displaying fleet lines
  • Made fleet lines brighter overall.
  • Tuned pinch gesture to make it less alarmingly fast
  • Added “Trade Lanes Established” count to game stats

A big thanks to Rorke and Daniel, whose ludicrously detailed (and unsolicited! So excellent!) bug reports/feature suggestions led directly to most of these changes. I’ve a couple more things I want to squeeze into this update (keeping the map centered on zoom, giving the Apparat a trade ship), but it shouldn’t be too long before 1.6 goes live on the App Store. Woot!