Distant Star 1.6

12 June 2011

A day late and a dollar short, but Distant Star 1.6 is off to Apple for review. For the most part 1.6 is a bugfix-and-cleanup release, with a few new features stashed away. There’s a new tech tree for economics- and trade-related techs, plus a greatly improved fleet management screen. The main push of this release is under the hood, where I’ve revamped the AI system considerably in support of (eventually) implementing different difficulty levels. As a side-effect, the AI now remembers its current mission and progress across saves, and is considerably smarter about conducting research.

Unfortunately, two of my big goals for 1.6 haven’t happened yet: better zooming (i.e. zoom relative to the current position, not the galactic center) and a new trade ship for the Apparat. Next time!