September 2011

Blazing Griffin

8 September 2011

You might have noticed that things have gone a bit quiet around here lately. There’s a reason for that, beyond the usual too-busy-to-write arguments, and I think it’s finally time to come clean.

I’ve sold Distant Star.


Ok, no, not really. What’s really happened is that I’ve joined with some other folks to form a new game studio in Edinburgh, Blazing Griffin. Our first game, right off the bat, is Distant Star — but not the Distant Star you know right now. We’ve been working with an extremely talented designer (I can’t name names, but he’s built a couple of highly prestigious AAA games in the last few years, which were published by Valve and Ubisoft) to re-balance the game and add a bunch of cool new mechanics. This, of course, is the great re-balance effort that I’ve referred to recently. We’re also working with an artist to see if we can’t improve on the programmer-art UI. Our intention is to keep the low-fi, retro aesthetic but try to clean it up so it doesn’t look like so much programmer art.

So, what else is going to change for Distant Star? Right now the biggest change is that I’ll be shutting down and re-redirecting it to My posts on Distant Star and development in general will be going up there instead, alongside posts from our other members on the trials, tribulations, and general business of starting an indie game studio in Scotland. See you there!